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Sonia Nisa

Sonia Nisa, a British Pakistani artist is a God-gifted artist on the international scene, renowned for her skills as an artist, calligrapher and designer.

In her recent endeavor, she painted a unique calligraphy portrait of the PM of Pakistan Imran Khan with the National Anthem of Pakistan inscribed within the portrait. This went viral on a international basis with over 1.5 million views and media coverage via major TV/news channels of Pakistan. Sonia was privileged with an invitation by the government of Pakistan and was given a life time opportunity to present her unique calligraphy portrait of the PM of Pakistan to him. She, alongside her family, met PM Imran Khan in person and there she presented her calligraphy portrait to him, which further led to her success and a world-wide recognition as a unique calligraphy artist.

Although, she had a passion for art from a very tender age of six years, however, she never really pursued any education in art nor calligraphy. When it comes to the question, ‘how did you learn art or calligraphy?’ Sonia believes she is God-gifted and due to her immense passion for art, she has been practising it from a very young age and has experience of over 22 years now. She is a self-taught versatile artist who spends the majority of her free-time doing calligraphy of her favourite poets like Dr Allama Iqbal, Maulana Rumi, Mirza Ghalib, Meer-Taqi-Meer, including famous heart-touching qawwalis of the maestro of music: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

She currently lives and works in Doha, Qatar with her husband Moneeb and their three-year-old daughter. Here, she continues to practice and develop her knowledge and skills as a calligrapher and an artist, as well as improving her Arabic, Urdu and Farsi language skills.

Sonia has participated in many live morning shows and given interviews on TV/news channels in Pakistan, which are available to watch on You-tube and other social media apps. You can easily find her works online, on Instagram, Facebook and You-tube.

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