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I designed the calligraphy portrait of Amir of Qatar called Shaykh Tamim. The calligraphy is created from the Qatar National Anthem (starting from the left top side of the hair) and the text is written in Arabic. I used black non-drip gloss and metal gold paint and different size paint brushes to paint it.

I thought of an idea to combine the Qatar Emir and the Qatar National Anthem together in this portrait for the Qatar Art Exhibition as the people of Qatar are very connected to their Amir and their culture!❤ This design is perfect for those looking to celebrate Qatar National Day and want to gift someone or display this painting for the occasion. The design is patent and copyright protected 2018. All rights reserved.

Shaykh Tamim - Amir of Qatar Portrait

  • All portraits are painted on canvases of various sizes (please see size chart) and high quality paints are used to finish this unique design. Colors used are jet black and gold to create an eye-catching look! 

  • Please note: once you have made an order, you should receive a call within 5 working days to confirm the order. Once the order has been confirmed over the phone, then you will not be able to cancel, return nor refund the item, as the painting process would have already commenced. 
    However, if the order is cancelled from the seller, then you will be given a full refund.

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