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Shams and Rumi is a story of love and devotion between Rumi (the Mureed/Disciple) and Shams (the Murshid/Teacher) that is lost in the pages of history. This painting depicts the two rivers that met to create an ocean in history. Many have heard of Moulana Jalaluddin Rumi (ra), but rarely people have heard of the one who created Rumi into the Mystical poet and devote lover of God that he became. It was no other than Shams of Tabriz who ignited the love of the Lord in the heart of Rumi.


Moulana Jalaluddin Rumi (depicted on the right in the back)

Shams Uddin-e-Tabriz (depicted on the left in the front).



The painting depicts Shams Uddin in the front in the famous Dervish trance (wajd) and Rumi in the back in the similar pose. On the heart of Shams is painted the words of the Sufi dhikr "Allah Hu" and on the heart of Rumi is painted the words in the opposite colours and opposite way "Hu Allah". This is to show the inner dimension of Sufism where it is said the Mureed (disciple) becomes the reflection of the Murshid (Teacher)



The calligraphy is painted in Farsi (Persian) and I have created my own Khat (font/style), endeavouring to give a "Sam'a" (dervish twirling) feel and look to the letters and words.

The calligraphy is a selected poem from the book titled Diwan-I-Shams-Tabriz. It is the poem that was written by Moulana Rumi (ra) when Shams left him for the second time. This separation had such an effect on Rumi which caused Rumi to be lost in love and in this state he wrote this poem. Giving the world the Rumi we know today.

The Dance of Love - Shams & Rumi

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